NHAI Takes Steps To Prevent Flooding Of Small Stretch Of Carriageway On Bengaluru–Mysuru Expressway


Faced with the flooding of the carriageway at Animal Overpass, National Highways authority of India (NHAI) has started work to address certain issues raised by the users of Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway and undertaken various measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

According to NHAI, the issues related to repairing of expansion joints and inundation of the carriageway at Animal Overpass are being addressed to ensure smooth flow of traffic without any hindrances.

The rectification of the expansion joints of one of the major bridge cum ROB was a part of Operation and Maintenance of the Expressway that was taken up to remove the jerks and improve the riding quality on the bridge.

The rectification work has been completed and it is now open for traffic.

NHAI is also addressing the drainage issue near Sagabasavandoddi village. Unprecedented rainfall on 17 March 2023 caused inundation on carriageway near the Animal Overpass at one point on the 117 km long Expressway.

The provision of drainage arrangement at this location was blocked by the villagers by dumping soil over the drain which resulted in stagnation of water on the main carriageway.

In order to address this, NHAI has laid pipe drain with two rows of pipe to facilitate easy flow of rainwater. The work was completed on 19 March, 2023 and the traffic is flowing smoothly.

Non-availability of service roads has also been highlighted by local residents along the expressway. This is an access controlled highway, with provision of 112 km two-lane service road on either side.

To further assist commuters on the Expressway, NHAI has also put in
place a robust incident management system that includes deployment of ambulances, patrol vehicles and cranes to address emergencies and vehicle breakdown.

Now, the NHAI is making service roads and completion would be ensured to facilitate routes to local people.

NHAI has taken adequate measures for proper drainage on service roads which includes construction of Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) drain. Proper access to service roads would be ensured.

Roughly 55,000 passenger car units are moving on this road and travel time has reduced from 4 hours to 1.5 hours now.

NHAI has completed implementation of the 117 km long Bangalore – Mysore Expressway and the same has been opened for traffic. Toll is being levied as per NH Act and Fees Rules applicable across the country.

As per practice, even after completion of the project 90-days are provided to rectify and finish any minor issues to ensure smooth riding experience for the commuters.

NHAI is committed to provide a smooth, safe and seamless experience to the highway users across the country.