Reliance Jio Begins Advanced 5G Testing With Completely Homegrown Telecom Infrastructure


Jio Platforms Ltd. which recently achieved high speed on 1Gbps in initial testing stages, will now test at larger scale, however the rollout is 5G will announced after spectrum is auctioned.

“Jio will continue to accelerate the roll-out of its digital platforms and indigenously developed next-generation 5G stack and make it affordable and available everywhere,” Mr. Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries said.

Jio will rollout first India’s first 5G services, aiming to lure300 million more customers from its competitors, who still use 2G, Mr. Ambani also said, Jio is determined to make India 2G-free.

Jio Stated that the technology is home-grown and completely indigenous, which has already achieved the mark speed of 1 Gbps, Jio is working on developing its own MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Out Put) technology and 5G small scale equipment which bolsters network speed and range of coverage, which is under advanced stage of development, company said.

With the advantage of being an early comer into 5G, Jio not only aims at Indian market, but looks to export its technology and services to other countries as well.

While the digital arm of reliance is also venturing into IoT (Internet of Things) and smart home solutions, and services in retail, health and education.

Company also reported 15.5 per cent net profit in previous quarter, speaking at Reliance Industries earning conference, Kiran Thomas, President, Reliance Industries said, “Obviously we are by far, the leader in India when it comes to 4G broadband. We have a no legacy all-IP modern network easily upgradeable to 5G, because they architected correctly from day one. But in 5G, I think, the true differentiator that we are really bringing into the market is the fact that almost the entire 5G solution has been developed internally”.

Mr. Thomas also added, Reliance will soon introduce its home solutions and IoT products, including sound systems, gaming gadgets, and large screens.

Jio’s IoT also includes, smart vehicle devices which is already piloted into markets via Orignal Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Mr. Thomas also said, Jio had numerous wins in past two quarters, and various partners in pipeline who are adopting Jio IOT solutions, its healthcare and education devices will also be launched soon, they are in beta-stage tested internally.