(In Pictures): How Indian Railways’ World Class Railway Station Project At Habibganj Is Fast Nearing Completion


The Indian Railways’ ambitious station redevelopment plan, beset with teething troubles, is finally gaining significant momentum with revamping of Habibganj and Gandhinagar set to be completed in the next months

Redevelopment of major stations across the country is planned to be executed by leveraging commercial development of land and air space in and around the station. This program will help provide state-of-the-art amenities for passengers and generate additional revenues for Railways.

The work at Habibganj station in Madhya Pradesh is likely to be completed by March 2020.

Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation (IRSDC) and the Bhopal-based Bansal Group are redeveloping the Habibganj station. Bansal group will operate and maintain the station for eight years. Rs 450 crore are being spent on the redevelopment of the railway station, out of which Rs 100 crore will be spent on station development and Rs 350 crore has been sanctioned for the development of commercial space.

The new-look Habibganj railway station will boast of a glass dome-like structure and have facilities such as food plazas & cafeterias and a plush waiting lounge.

The station is being remodeled on the lines of Germany’s Heidelberg station. The station will be a green building with LED lighting. The redevelopment includes setting up a glass dome structure at the entrance, swanky waiting lounges, museums and LED lighting among other features.

In order to decongest the station, exit underpass is being made for passengers de-boarding trains along with passenger holding area on the platform. On the western side of the station, there will be commercial establishments, a bus terminal, and office lobbies. Service apartments will be built outside the station along with hotels, hospitals, spas, and a convention centre will be outside on the eastern side of the station, the first of its kind in India.

The salient  features of Habibganj Station Redevelopment

  1. The basic design principle of the redevelopment is “Passenger Segregation” ie reducing the intermingling time of Arriving & Departing passengers at Railway Station.
  2. To achieve this, two subways are proposed ( already commissioned ) on both sides of the new proposed Air Concourse (New Foot Over Bridge under construction). These subways have connecting ramps on each platform. The arriving passengers shall get down from the train and take exit ramps to reach subways which in turn shall lead then to surface exits at either new West Building (Platform No 01 side) or Modified East Building ( Platform No. 05 -BHEL side).
  3. Departing Passengers shall either enter from New West Building or Modified East Building. The escalator/elevator at these buildings shall take them up to Air Concourse Level. This Air Concourse has seating capacity for 900 persons (almost one trainload full) and departing passengers shall wait there till the announcement of their train is made. In order to keep departing passengers at Air Concourse level, it shall be made interesting by way of the food court, entertainment zones, etc just like T-3 Terminal at IGI New Delhi.
  4. One the announcement is made for train the passengers shall take either uni-direction moving Escalator ( at Itarsi side of Air Concourse) or uni-directional travelator (Bhopal side of Air Concourse )to reach Platform level.
  5. New West Building shall have kiosks, A/C Waiting Lounges for Men & Women, Retiring Rooms, Escalators, Passenger Lifts, Service Lifts. Toilet Block and shall be connected to Metro Station by way of Shy Walk ( Floor level of the Proposed Metro station is the same as Air Concourse Floor Level).
  6. New Platform Coverings- Designed as Bird Free that is birds cannot sit under the deck of cover but can sit only over the deck.
  7. New Coach Guidance System- Being provided 32 inches commercial TV that shall display coach numbers and during free time shall display messages and advertisements.
  8. A lux level of 200 shall be maintained at platforms using LED lights.
  9. The entire Station is getting a Gold Rating ( LEED -USGBC).
  10. The Roof covering of New West Building is in Barrel Shape with a clear height of 36m above platform level and is made up of structural steel.
  11. The New Air Concourse is 36m wide in place of conventional 5m wide Foot over Bridge.

Aerial Shots of the Station Underconstruction 

Drone Shots of the Habibganj Station Under Redevelopment


Drone Shots of the Habibganj Station Redevelopment


Drone Shots of the Habibganj Station Redevelopment



The New Roof Covering, a design innovation, that ensures that no birds sit under the deck.


Building on the left side of the new terminal under construction.


Curved Roof Primary Structure Is Almost Complete for New Terminal Building