Bad News: Trial Run For Washermanpet And AG-DMS Metro Stretches To Chennai Central Delayed By A Month


Trial run for two stretches of Chennai Metro — AG-DMS to Chennai Central and Chennai Central to Washermanpet may get delayed, The Hindu has reported. The trial runs had been scheduled for September initially.

According to sources which spoke to The Hindu, the trial has been deferred as the signalling software necessary for operating the Metro has not arrived for installation. The signalling system is now likely to be ready by next month.

“The track and other works have been completed. When the software comes, we will carry out the trial run,” an official said. The Metro authorities had planned to throw open the two lines to the public by December. However, the Metro construction work is yet to be completed in Anna Salai. It is as of yet unclear how the pending works are to be completed within the deadline.

There are two underground Metro stations on either side of the intersection – Anna Nagar East and Anna Nagar Tower. The subway once opened, will make it easy for the pedestrians who have been crossing the intersections at risk as there are no traffic signals.