Bengaluru Metro To Fine Passengers For Travelling Beyond The Distance Authorised In Their Ticket


Following the footsteps of several other metro corporations in the country, Bengaluru metro rail Corporation is also planning to levy a fine of Rs 50 on passengers who travel beyond the distance authorised by their ticket, reports Economic Times.

This comes after the recent decision of the corporation to make it mandatory for the smart card holders to maintain a minimum balance of Rs 50, which is something a lot of passengers have been grousing about, given they find it anti-poor. However, the new rule about penalty is aimed at the token users.

According to the Metro Railways (Operation and Maintenance) Act, 2002, the transport utility can impose a penalty of Rs 50 on passengers travelling without a proper pass, card or ticket or beyond authorised distance.

If the passenger does not pay the excess charge and the fare, the corporation also has the power to take the passenger to court and seek his/her imprisonment for a term of up to one month.

In case of Delhi Metro, there exists a maximum travel time limit of 180 Minutes for a single journey. Once this limit is exhausted by a passenger, a penalty of Rs 10 per hour subject to a maximum of Rs 50 is applicable.

Furthermore, in case of a token user, the applicable fare for the extra distance travelled has also to be paid to the customer care centre at the destination station.