Chennai Metro: CMRL Plans 93 Km Extension To Proposed Parandur Airport


The Tamil Nadu government is set to enhance connectivity in Chennai with a substantial 93 km extension to the city’s metro rail network. This decision aligns with the current land acquisition initiatives for the upcoming Parandur airport and its master plan development.

The proposed expansion involves extending the existing Poonamallee-Sriperumbudur metro line by 28 km, ultimately connecting it to the Parandur airport. Notably, this makes the Chennai metro rail the first to receive approval for a dedicated metro line linking the city to the upcoming airport.

In a departure from the station density seen in Phase 1 and other lines, where metro stations were spaced every 800 m to 1 km, the Poonamallee to Parandur stretch will feature stations situated at intervals of 7-10 km.

To address the increased distance and time between stations, authorities plan to design faster trains and may modify train coaches and tracks for greater efficiency. Additionally, plans include the establishment of a station within the airport premises for convenient access to terminals.

The decision to have multiple stations in Parandur stems from the vision to develop an Aero city. This planned township will encompass educational institutions, aviation-related units, hotels, and a Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) centre for the airport.

An official from the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) stated, “In Parandur, there won’t be just an airport; it will be an airport city. So we will have to provide multiple stations. Our consultant is conducting the study, and the initial report is expected to be ready in April,” reports Economic Times.

Corridor-4 Takes Centre Stage

The expansion plan also shines a spotlight on Corridor-4, with discussions in 2021 initially proposing an extension from Poonamallee bypass to Tirumazhisai. The decision was later solidified in 2022, extending the corridor to Parandur.

This extension will traverse through Tirumazhisai, a satellite town experiencing frequent development with emerging companies and neighbourhoods.

Tirumazhisai has witnessed remarkable growth over the past few years, becoming a hub for housing developments, particularly with the presence of the Kuthambakkam bus terminus, Chennai Outer Ring Road, Pattabiram New Tidel Park-3, and the proposed Parandur airport.

CMRL’s strategic extension of Corridor-4 through Tirumazhisai aligns perfectly with the area’s rapid development and promises to enhance connectivity for the growing communities.

Chennai’s Second Airport In Parandur

The state Chief Minister M K Stalin announced that a greenfield airport would be built in Parandur, located around 15 km northeast of the popular Hindu pilgrimage city, Kanchipuram.

The new airport is planned at an investment of Rs 20,000 crore with a capacity to handle 100 million passengers per annum.

Tamil Nadu’s Minister of Industries, Thangam Thennarasu, said that the construction of the proposed Parandur Greenfield Airport would be completed by 2028.

The project is expected to have an investment-to-return ratio of Rs 100 to Rs 325.

Chief Minister Stalin stated that both, the existing airport at Meenambakkam and the upcoming airport at Parandur, would function simultaneously, catering to the rapidly increasing demand in the civil aviation sector.