Infographic: Metro Expansion In Different Cities Since Inaugural Year Of Operation


The Delhi Metro, or the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, leads the list for the average kilometre expansion per year by a distant margin at 19.31 km/year. Following the Delhi Metro is the Hyderabad Metro at 18.83 km/year. However, given that the Delhi Metro has been operational since 2002 and Hyderabad Metro has only been in operation for around 3-years, the average annual expansion of the Delhi Metro has been remarkable.

The disappointment, however, lies beyond Delhi. Jaipur at 1.92 km/year annual expansion and in operation since 2015 is one the slowest expanding metro networks in India. Much of the slowness can be attributed to its lack of economic viability.

Bengaluru, though picking up pace now, has witnessed an annual average expansion of 4.71 kms.

Here’s an infographic that captures the city-wide expansion of the metro networks in India.