Kolkata Metro Railway To Have Newly-Designed Futuristic Rakes, To Be Included In Fleet By 2026


Aiming at enhancing travelling experiencies of commuters, Kolkata Metro is planning induction of 85 new design rakes in its fleet at an estimated cost of Rs 6,000 crore.

Terming it as “futuristic”, these new aesthetically-designed air-conditioned rakes will be produced at Integral Coach Factory, Chennai and taking inspiration from Bengal’s bridal and terracotta artwork, these rakes will have nose cone design.

Metro Railway, Kolkata is the country’s oldest Metro which has been expanding its wings in order to connect the ‘City of Joy’ with its suburbs.

The most unique feature of these rakes would be provision of standing seats at one corner where space is limited. Airport-bound commuters can also place their luggage beneath these seats. It will further improve the comfort level of Metro journey.

In each coach of these rakes, local arts and crafts will be highlighted and USB charging ports will be provided at two sides of each coach.

For ensuring safety of passenger, anti-skid flooring and fire extinguishers will be provided along with unique grab handles and handle loops.

In case of emergency, commuters will be able to interact with the Motorman through a talk-to-driver unit and CCTV cameras will be strategically placed inside every coach to ensure maximum vigilance of the coach on real-time basis.

Keeping in mind the huge rush during peak hours, improved roof-grab handles will be provided to encourage the passengers not to stand on the vestibules. Special digital display boards will also be installed inside the rakes for displaying infotainment materials.

Roof-grab handles.Newly designed guard rails and grab poles.

In order to create a warm ambiance inside the coaches, special cove lighting will also be arranged. Robust guardrails and grab poles will be provided at the door entries and above the sitting benches inside the rake for the convenience of the commuters.

In these new rakes, passengers will enjoy unobstructed entry/exit with conveniently and ergonomically placed holding positions.

The futuristic rakes are expected to be included in Metro’s fleet around 2026. Metro Railway has envisaged a plan to induct 85 new rakes in phases in its fleet.

As a result, present fleet of 46 rakes (32 broad gauge and 14 standard gauge) will be increased to 131 rakes (114 broad gauge and 17 standard gauge) to cater to the demand of present, as well as all upcoming corridors.

For procurement of these rakes, Ministry of Railways has already sanctioned an amount of Rs 6,000 crore.

Very soon Kolkata Metro is going to run under the river Hooghly to connect the twin cities Kolkata and Howrah. Apart from reaching new destinations, Kolkata Metro has also been taking adequate and innovative measures to provide its commuters a sleek, comfortable and fast riding experience.

Metro Railway spokesperson Kausik Mitra expressed that once these dream rakes are commissioned by 2026, travelling experiences in Kolkata Metro will reach a dizzy height and passengers will opt for Metro over other modes of transport.