Pillar Of No Strength: BMRCL Seeks 10 Days To Fix Faulty Metro Structure Near Bengaluru’s MG Road


After reports of honeycombing of concrete in one of the pillars between the MG Road and Trinity Circle Metro Stretch, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has asked for about 10 days for the entire work to be completed.

Deccan Herald quoted Ajay Seth, Managing Director of BMRCL, as saying, “The repair work can be completed in just two days. But, the preparation itself requires about 5 to 6 days. Our engineers are already busy installing the steel platform supported by stilts to carry out the repairs. Further, technical experts will decide on the future course of action.”

Due to the damage in one of the viaducts, trains have been slowing down to the minimum possible speed near the metro stations.

Furthermore, one of the engineers of BMRCL was quoted as saying, “We have been carrying out ultrasonic scans to assess the extent of damage to the cemented area. The results will give us insight into the requirement of raw material needed to carry out the repair work.”

Due to the viaducts being prepared at the project site, tests couldn’t be carried out. Hydraulic jacks that can lift up to 125 tonnes are being used by BMRCL to help carry out the repairs. High-quality cement will be used for the repairs.