DoT To Ask Vodafone Idea For Payment This Week


With Airtel and Tata Teleservice having submitted their self assessment figures on AGR which though are subject to DoT reconciliation, the government will ask Vodafone Idea this week to apprise them of their numbers and submit the dues simultaneously.

The prospects of any major relief to the telcos before the Next Supreme Court hearing on March 17 is dim and official sources said they have to pay first as per their self-assessment, as it”s not an overnight issue and they should have been prepared for it and provisioned.

“Airtel and Tata Teleservice have submitted as per their assessment and we will get back to them on their numbers but Vodafone has now to submit its assessment numbers so that we have time and numbers to consider for any relief even after the next hearing in the Supreme Court. But first, pay,” a source was quoted in a report of the IANS.

On Saturday, Airtel submitted Rs 8000 crore more as AGR dues, including Rs 5,000 crore extra, subject to DoT reconciliation. The telco had earlier paid Rs 10,000 cr as AGR dues. Airtel said Rs 18,000 crore is the full and final figure. However, DoT”s AGR figure stood at Rs 35,500 crore for Airtel. For Tata Tele which paid Rs 2197 crore, the figure stood at a little over Rs 14,000 crore.

Vodafone Idea so far has paid Rs 3500 crore, its figure as per government is Rs 53,000 crore and VIL is currently doing self-assessment and is yet to give the full and final figure as per its own calculations.

On Friday, Digital Communications Commission (DCC), the inter ministerial panel of Telecom Ministry could not take any decision on possible relief to the financially distressed telecom sector with officials saying more data are required for reconciliation of AGR numbers.

The DCC meeting that lasted two hours will be held again in the coming days. “No decision has been taken on any relief to the telecom companies, sources said, adding, the department needs more data, and that there will be more meetings and reconciliation of AGR figures.

(With inputs from IANS)