Government Asks States To Allow Trucks To Move Between States


Union Government has asked all the State’ Chief Secretaries to ensure non-disruption of the movement of essential goods during the lockdown. The Union Home Secretary has asked all the State Government to make sure that trucks carrying food items and essential commodities are allowed free movement on all costs.

In some parts of the country, operations of cold storage and warehouses are not being allowed. Workers required for operations of manufacturing units are not being given adequate passes for movement. Besides, passes or authority letters of free movement of trucks and workers, issued by one state, are not being respected by officials of other states. The Centre has cautioned the States that if such a situation continues then it has the potential of creating shortage of essential items.

The Home Ministry has clearly instructed that free movement of trucks carrying essential and non-essential items should be allowed as long as the driver is carrying a valid drivers licence. The driver can be assisted by a helper.The authorities will no longer ask the driver for any other approval.

Moreover, empty trucks, returning after unloading goods will not be stopped. Workers who are on their way to join manufacturing units will be allowed to move.

All warehouses, and cold storages, spread across the country will be allowed to operate freely. The authorities will not hamper their operations during the hour of this national crisis.

Earlier, Transport Unions had requested the Government that free movement of truckers should be allowed as thousands of goods carriers were stranded on various highways.

After this letter from Centre, States have asked the district authorities to ensure free movement of transport, functioning of warehouses and smooth operations of all factories.