Hebbal Flyover: BDA Unveils Rs 225 crore Tender To Ease Traffic Gridlock And Support Multi Modal Convergence


In a bid to ease the traffic gridlock in Hebbal junction, the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has floated a new ₹225 crores tender to undertake the construction of a new flyover, an underpass and additional loops to the existing flyover.

The new tender incorporates significant design changes to its earlier plan for the Hebbal flyover that had to be revisited following objections by the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL).

The BDA has set September 9 as the last date for receiving bids.

Hebbal Junction flyover, situated on the Airport road, is a major connecting road to Airport and one among many traffic congestion zones in the city. Hebbal flyover currently connects six routes spreading over 5 km in total via a network of loop ramps.

  • A 700 metres two-lane ramp from Mekhri Circle to Esteem Mall on Airport road.
  • A 700 metres two-lane ramp from Esteem mall towards Mekhri circle.
  • A 900 metres two-lane ramp from K.R. Puram side of Outer Ring Road connects to the ramp from Airport road.
  • A 450 m two-lane Ramp for Vehicles from BHEL circle toward Mekhri Circle.
  • A 1 km ramp connecting Mekhri circle to K.R. Puram side of Outer Ring Road.
  • A 900 metres single-lane ramp from Mekhri circle to BHEL circle.

Major congestion is caused by the convergence of traffic from Tumkur Road and K.R. Puram through the loops that connect the flyover.

The new plan by BDA envisages a signal-free elevated route from K R Puram towards the Bengaluru airport, linking K.R. Puram with the existing flyover from Tumakuru to the city and a unidirectional underpass to facilitate vehicular movement from Tumakuru Road side towards K.R. Puram.

The BDA will also add three lanes to the existing two for traffic coming from Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) and moving towards the city.

With the construction of the Metro 2B line connecting the Airport and K.R. Puram going on in full swing, the ramp leading from K R Puram to the city will be demolished to facilitate BMRCL to proceed with the project.

BDA will be constructing a new flyover with a branch of the flyover that will be merging with the proposed new lanes towards the city, and commuters from K.R. Puram can use the same flyover to go towards the Airport as the same flyover will be linked to the airport road.

The new design will also decongest the area under the Hebbal flyover as BMRCL, BMTC and suburban rail projects will converge here.

Proposed Hebbal Flyover Design/ Chiranjeevi Kulkarni (Deccan Herald)

Proposed Hebbal Flyover Design/ Chiranjeevi Kulkarni (Deccan Herald)

The Karnataka government and BMRCL had engaged RITES to conduct a comprehensive study and prepare a master plan for capacity augmentation at Hebbal Junction to meet the estimated road traffic requirement of 2051 and integration of other modes of transport like Metro and suburban lines.