India And UK To Join Hands To Launch Global Solar Grid Project: Report


India along with the United Kingdom (UK) will be launching a project aiming to create a solar grid that connects countries in different parts of the world at the forthcoming UN climate talks that will take place in Glasgow.

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) has initiated this project known as the ‘Green Grids Initiative’.

Notably, ISA was first launched by India and France at the 2015 Paris climate conference in order to promote solar energy.

Both India and UK had agreed to collaborate for this project back in May this year.

This new project is based on the fact that the sun is always shining at some part of the world. Hence, the target is to create a global grid that will be transferring the solar power from one place to another.

“For example, when it is dark in east Asia, it’s still light in India… If there was a cable between India and east Asia, that solar electricity could be provided to east Asia,” Ajay Mathur, director general of the ISA, was quoted by the Associated Press (AP).

Mathur assured that the number of willing countries will continue increasing over time as the costs of the same will reduce whereas the certainties increase simultaneously.