Mumbai – Pune Expressway: Over 2.5 Lakh Motorists Fined For Traffic Violations In 2021


In 2021, around 2,55,920 motorists were penalised for different violations on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway in Raigad district and collected a Rs 21.03 crore fine.

Over-speeding, lane-cutting, not wearing seatbelts, talking on mobile phones while driving are some major violations.

Among over 2.5 lakh violators, 1,72,605 motorists were penalised for over-speeding alone.

“Our officials were deployed on both Mumbai-bound and Pune-bound carriageways of the Expressway from time to time and they checked if any motorist had flouted the norms. Whenever they spotted someone over-speeding, cutting the lanes, or talking on phones, they stopped him or her and penalised them on the spot,” Subhash Pujari, an assistant inspector from the State Highway Traffic, told Hindustan Times.

“The Expressway has three lanes on each side of the divider. The first lane (the one adjacent to the divider) is for overtaking. The second lane is for light vehicles and the third lane is for buses and other heavy vehicles. However, most of the motorists do not follow the rules. They randomly enter the unauthorised lanes and end up hitting vehicles moving ahead of them,” he added.