Railways Resumes Parcel Van Service To Ensure Uninterrupted Flow Of Essentials To Local Markets


In the view of keeping up with the uninterrupted flow of essential commodities, Indian Railways has decided to run parcel vans to keep up in the country during the ongoing lockdown to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. When Railways had suspended the running of passenger trains on March 22 parcel vans movement was also curtailed. This affected the movement of perishable items, mostly daily essential needs like vegetables, dairy items, and fish.

As per the Railway Officials special Parcel express trains shall run on the New Delhi-Gauhati, New Delhi-Mumbai, New Delhi-Kalyan, New Delhi-Howrah, Chandigarh-Jaipur, and Moga-Chhangsari routes.

With ample availability of parcel vans, sitting-cum-luggage rakes and locomotives because of the suspension of passenger services, railways will now run such vans on a timetable on identified routes. With the absence of traffic on tracks will make it easy to send parcel vans across at a faster clip.

Respective divisions will now coordinate with local district administration and ensure deployment of labourers at parcel depots and goods-shed to ensure smooth loading and unloading of parcel vans. Also, railways could also utilise spare passenger coaches for temporarily housing labourers.