Tamil Nadu To Set Up 4,000 MW Solar Parks And 11 Pumped Storage Hydropower Projects Of 7,500 MW


Power Minister of Tamil Nadu, V Senthil Balaji, informed the state legislative assembly that the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) plans to build solar parks with a cumulative capacity of over 4,000 MW across the state.

The state also plans a battery energy storage facility to satisfy the surging power demand. The state government also plans to set up 11 pumped storage hydropower projects in several districts based on the feasibility to augment the capacity by 7,500MW.

With Rs 1,270 crore, the state plans to install smart meters for distribution transformers. To make it easier for monitoring power consumption and facilitating payments, the state plans to install smart meters, reports The Times of India.

“The government will re-examine the implementation of Udangudi expansion projects II and III. TANGEDCO has already applied to the government to shift the Uppur thermal power plant to Udangudi. Having the Uppur plant in Uppur itself will be re-examined,” the minister said.