Using Latest HOG Technology, Delhi Division Of Indian Railways Saves 80 Per Cent On Energy Bills In Premium, Express Trains


In a major development, Indian Railways has substantially cut down on its energy bills and is expected to save big money due to the move, reports Financial Express.

As per report, the Delhi division of the Northern Railways (NR) zone has cut down 80 per cent on its energy bills. The feat was achieved as a result of successfully converting the 39 pairs of Premium and Express trains to the head-on-generation (HOG) system.

The eco-friendly HOG system has been introduced in 11 pairs of Shatabdi Express, eight pairs of Rajdhani Express, two trains of Duronto, two of Humsafar Express and in 16 pairs of Express trains which are presently operating under the Delhi division network.

The eco-friendly HOG technology is being utilised in the regular operations of the train to cut down on the energy bill. Under the HOG system, the power is drawn from an overhead electric supply system and is used to operate the engine and haul the coaches of the train along with catering the hotel load of the coaches.

The hotel load includes — Train Lighting, Air conditioning, Lighting, fannage and other passenger interface requirement working on electrical power supply.

With introduction of this scheme heavy under-slung power generating equipment gets eliminated. Further it also reduces use of Diesel sets employed in power cars in End on Generation system.

The HOG system in Indian Railways has been introduced in all the trains which have LHB or the Linke Hofmann Busch coaches and are hauled by electric traction.

The power generator cars which used to make huge noise and emit fumes will no more be there. In place of two such generator cars there will be one standby silent generator car to be used for emergency.

Addressing a press conference here, Railway Board Member (Rolling Stock) Rajesh Agarwal last year said, “It has planned to convert all LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) trains to adopt the new environment-friendly HOG system within this year.”