Indian Railways To Upgrade 1,253 Stations Under Adarsh Station Scheme


Under its Adarsh Station scheme, the Indian Railways has listed a total of 1,253 stations across the country. Under the Adarsh scheme, busy stations have their passenger amenities such as toilets, drinking water, waiting areas, benches, all improved. Upgrades are funded under station amenities’ budgets and no separate budgetary allocation is made.

The Financial Express reported on how many stations were allotted to each state.

The states of Nagaland and Tipura will see one station each being upgraded while the states of Goa, Himachal Pradesh and the union territory of Puducherry will see two each. Four stations in Delhi, five in Jammu and Kashmir, and eight in Uttarakhand have been selected.

The lion’s share goes to West Bengal with 384 stations, followed by Uttar Pradesh at 152, Maharashtra at 108, 75 in Kerala, 59 in Bihar, 47 Odisha, 46 Andhra Pradesh, 44 for Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh and 40 for Rajasthan.