Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Approves Two Key Projects Worth Rs 6,000 Crore To Transform Bhopal’s Road Network


Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the cabinet has approved two significant projects within a span of two months, valued at over Rs 6,000 crore in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh’s capital city, Bhopal.

The approved infrastructure projects aim at alleviating traffic congestion and includes — the 6.71 km eight-lane elevated lake corridor and the construction of a 40.90 km-long south-west bypass in the city.

Of the two approved projects, the eight-lane elevated lake corridor was approved by the cabinet on 4 October. This project will span a length of 6.71 km and will be built on a hybrid annuity model, costing Rs 3,155 crore.

Additionally, in August, the state cabinet granted approval for the construction of the West Bypass in the capital with an estimated cost of Rs 2,981.65 crore.

The new elevated lake road project is set to be constructed starting from Kamla Park and running parallel to the VIP Road.

The road will be divided into two sections — one from the Khanugaon area to Indore Road, and another section dedicated to the airport.

The primary objective of the lake corridor project is to resolve traffic challenges in the old city area, specifically along the VIP Road, which was originally built in 1999.

Since that time, city traffic has experienced a significant surge, according to officials. Furthermore, the project will contribute to reduction in road accidents and save time for commuters.

Its design will be future-focused, accommodating the expected vehicle growth in the city over the next 15 to 30 years. The project will also prioritise the conservation of the lakes and environment, ensuring the protection of these invaluable resources.

Additionally, the 41 km bypass will also be built using the hybrid annuity model. Authorities have long acknowledged the necessity of a western bypass in Bhopal city.

The newly-planned bypass will start before Mandideep (on Obedullaganj and Mandideep road) and end on Indore Road in village Phanda Kalan.

The successful completion of the proposed western bypass will also give the state capital its much-awaited ring road.

The western bypass will establish a direct link between the Mandideep industrial zone and the industrial hub, Indore. Further, it will bring systematic development to the west side of the city.

It will facilitate the movement of vehicles on the outer perimeters of Bhopal, offering a solution to the traffic congestion in the city.