Mumbai-Pune Expressway: Intelligent Traffic Management System To Go Live By 15 October


The Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) project on the Mumbai-Pune new expressway is in completion stage and is likely to be operational by October this year.

“We are planning to make the ITMS functional from 15 October this year,” said Sanjay Yadav, joint managing director, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), which is executing the project.

ITMS project aims to achieve traffic efficiency by minimising traffic problems and include systems such as adaptive traffic control system, automatic number plate recognition system, red light violation detection system and speed violation and detection.

The project aims to improve expressway management and safety by leveraging advanced technologies and intelligent camera systems.

Rs 60 Crore Project

As part of the project, 430 high-quality cameras integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities have been installed on 106 locations along the expressway.

The AI cameras are capable of recognising more than 17 different types of infractions, including speeding, lane breaches, and other unsafe driving behaviors.

Incorporated within the system is a visual messaging mechanism that facilitates the transmission of crucial information to highway users.

This innovative system has the capability to provide real-time updates about traffic conditions, road closures, and other relevant information including weather updates, as per the MSRDC.

Furthermore, a Command and Control Centre (CCC) has been set up in Kusgaon to oversee the operations of the ITMS.

This centre will remain operational around the clock, divided into three shifts, and will work in close coordination with both the highway police and the regional transport officials.

Information regarding violations identified by the cameras will be shared with these entities for further action, including imposing penalties and regulating traffic.

Also, the cameras are linked via integrated optical fiber running along both sides of the expressway. This inter-connectedness guarantees smooth communication and the uninterrupted transfer of data between the cameras and the CCC.

The ITMS initiative has been installed on a public-private-partnership model with an investment of roughly Rs 60 crore.

The state budget for the fiscal year 2023-24 has announced the implementation of ITMS on nine highways, namely, Mumbai-Kolhapur, Thane-Dhule, Nashik-Pune, Solapur-Beed, Nagpur-Chandrapur, Nagpur- Amravati, Ghodbandar-Achad, Ahmednagar-Pune and Akola-Washim.