UP: Yogi Administration Advances Efforts To Transform 62,000 PWD Roads Across The State


Under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the government of Uttar Pradesh is making significant progress in its efforts to revamp the state’s road infrastructure, ensuring the creation of pothole-free roads while improving seamless connectivity across all corners of the state.

In line with this, the Yogi administration has established a goal to renovate 62,000 roads and eliminate potholes within the current fiscal year. An action plan has been put into effect to accomplish this objective.

The Public Works Department in Uttar Pradesh oversees a network of 1.14 lakh km of roads. This year, the government is focusing on restoring over 62,000 roads. The target is to remove potholes from 44,869 roads and renovate 17,588 roads.

According to the PWD, the state has already achieved 30 per cent of its target for pothole removal and road restoration in the current fiscal year.

Furthermore, for national highways, a significant 75.30 per cent of the restoration goal has been reached, reports Economic Times.

The department has allocated a budget of Rs 275 crore for street renovation across all districts. The government is closely monitoring the progress of these works to ensure their timely completion.

During the current FY, the road maintenance progress report reveals that potholes have been successfully addressed on 1,711 streets, and renovations have been carried out on 5,277 roads.

In total, 6,988 roads have been worked on, with pothole removal accounting for 3.81 per cent of the projects and road restoration making up 30 per cent of the projects.

For national highways, significant headway has been made, with a 28.35 per cent success rate in pothole removal, while road restoration projects have been completed on an impressive 75.30 per cent of the highway network.

Additionally, to ensure development throughout the state, the public works department is working on a roadmap that complements the existing network of expressways and focuses on connectivity.

As per recent reports, several routes are currently being considered to improve the north-south link in the state.

These routes include — Bijnor to Lalitpur, Moradabad to Agra, Pilibhit to Mahoba, Lakhimpur Khiri to Chitrakoot, Gonda to Prayagraj, and Basti to Mirzapur.

Currently, major national highways and expressways facilitate travel between the eastern and western parts of Uttar Pradesh.

In the state, the National Highways Department operates through four distinct zones. Among these zones, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI-West UP) has demonstrated the most notable achieving 62.57 per cent success in achieving the set targets of pothole removal and 85.79 per cent success in completing restoration works.