Modi Led CCEA Approves Multi-Modal Logistics Hub At Greater Noida, And Industrial Corridor At Krishnapatnam & Tumakuru


Modi Led CCEA Approves Multi-Modal Transport Hub At Greater Noida, And Industrial Corridor At Krishnapatnam and Tumakuru

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved three projects concerning industrial and trade development, multi-modal logistics hub (MMLH) and multi-mode transport (MMTH) hub at Noida in Uttar Pradesh, and industrial corridor in Krishnapatnam and Timakuru.

The approved projects are proposed by Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade Promotion worth Rs. 7,725 crores, MMLH and MMTH costs Rs. 3,883 crore, Industrial corridor at Krishnapatnam and Tumakaru costs Rs. 2,139crore and 1,701 crore respectively, said Minister Prakash Javadekar.

He also said, these projects will generate employment for 2.8 lakh persons and position country in as strong player, developed land parcels in cities will attract investments, PTI reported.

Official statement said, “Envisioned on the backbone of major transportation corridors like Eastern & Western Dedicated Freight Corridors, Expressways and National Highways, proximity to ports, airports, etc., the objective of Industrial Corridor Programme is the creation of greenfield industrial cities with sustainable, ‘plug n play’, ICT enabled utilities to facilitate the manufacturing investments into the country,” The Hindu reported.

Breaking down employment generation numbers, Industrial corridor development at Krishnapatnam will employ approximately 98,000 persons approximately 58,000 will be employed at site, in first phase, and industrial corridor development at Tumakuru is expected to employ 88,500 of which 17,700 persons will be from service sectors such as retail and commercial sectors, government official said.

MMTH and MMLH located near Indian railway station of Boraki, will include Inter-state bus terminal, local bus termina, metro transit system and newly developed spaces for retail, commercial, hotel and open green spaces, adding new employment to approximately 1,00,000 persons by year 2040.

The official document said, MMTH will include world-class passenger services, to the growing population of NCR and Uttar Pradesh sub-region, and will help in de-congesting delhi.

MMLH will be developed into world-class logistics facility providing storage, transitioning good in between dedicated freight corridors, providing much needed one-stop destination for freight companies.

MMLH will not only provide standard container handling services, also various value-added services related to better and efficient handling with reduced costs.

Along with above project, cabinet also approved opening of Indian missions in Estonia, Paraguay and The Dominican Republic to promote industrial, trade and cultural relations.

Another approval was given for grain-based ethanol distilleries, wherein cabinet approved to enhance ethanol distillation capacity to produce 1st generation ethanol (1G) from feedstocks of grains such as rice, wheat, barley, sorghum, sugarcane, sugar beet etc. said, Union minister for Oil & Petroleum, Dahrmendra Pradhan.