Pune: Transportation Authority Denies ‘Auto-Rickshaw Aggregator License’ To Ola And Uber


Ola and Uber, alongside two other ride-hailing services, have had their auto-rickshaw aggregator licenses rejected by the Pune Regional Transport Authority (RTA).

This would prevent residents of Pune from booking auto-rickshaws through popular phone applications.

RTA wants state response on cab aggregator applications from companies.

Four firms, including ANI Technologies (Ola’s parent company), Uber India Systems, Roppen Transportation Services, and kevolution Technologies, have applied for auto-rickshaw aggregator licenses.

ANI Technologies and Uber India Systems have both applied for licenses to aggregate light vehicles.

The RTA’s decision, according to Transport Officer Ajit Shinde, is that none of the four applicants met all of the Motor Vehicles Aggregators’ Guidelines, 2020, reports Indian Express.

On Friday (21 April), Ola and Uber both submitted requests for aggregator licenses to the Maharashtra government, which were mandated by the Centre and local government for app-based companies.

As it stands, operators that are non-compliant cannot be dealt with efficiently by the authorities. However, obtaining a license could provide the government with the power to enforce policies and regulations, according to PTI.

In February 2023, ride-hailing firms filed a special leave petition before the Supreme Court, which subsequently asked the state government to act as a regulator and quickly make a decision on an aggregator policy to avoid any uncertainty or further litigation.

The order was given on 13 February, emphasising the importance of the state government’s swift decision-making in this matter. Ride-hailing companies have applied for aggregator licenses with Pune RTO after operating in Maharashtra since 2014.

Due to the absence of a regulatory policy, there has been a lot of uncertainty about app-based taxis and autos, which has led to protests from rickshaw unions and competitors.