Himachal Pradesh: All-Weather Tunnels To Come Up In Shimla District, To Boost Tourism And Horticulture


Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu announced that the government plans to construct tunnels to ensure all-weather connectivity to the upper areas of Shimla district.

He stated that surveys will be conducted for the construction of tunnels under Kharapathar on the Kotkhai-Hatkoti road and to connect the landlocked Dodra-Kwar area.

The proposed tunnel on National Highway-705 under Kharapathar will reduce the distance from Shimla to Rohru by around 10-12 km.

“Apart from ensuring all-weather connectivity to this beautiful area, the construction of the tunnel will also facilitate the farmers to market their produce,” he added.

The tunnel will also open unexplored areas of the regions, including Chanshal, Kuppad, Giri Ganga, Monal Danda, Samarkot, Khadrala, Sungri, Chunjar and Hatkoti, to the tourists during the winter months when nature enriches the whole area with all its bounty.

The tunnel to Dodra-Kwar will not only provide all-weather connectivity to the landlocked hinterland but also open the area to tourists, solace seekers, and horticulturists looking to market their produce.

He emphasised the government’s commitment to building safe and comfortable roads that focus on resource conservation, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and service improvement.

The Minister also highlighted that the roads, bridges, and tunnels being constructed in the state strictly adhere to this concept, achieving sustainable development from design to operation and maintenance.

The construction of tunnels under new road projects should be prioritised by the public works department to save commuters time and money, he added.

He stated that roads are the lifeline of a hilly state like Himachal Pradesh, as all economic activities depend on them, therefore, modern transportation development must adhere to the concept of green and sustainable development.