Unlocking India’s Mineral Potential: In A First, Government To Unveil ‘Critical Minerals List’ To Reduce Import Dependencies


The Central government has said that it will release a list of ‘critical minerals of India’ for the first time.

The list will be released by Union Mines Minister Pralhad Joshi at Indian International Centre in New Delhi today (28 June).

In a statement on Tuesday (27 June), the Ministry of Mines stated that it is “all set to unveil for the first time “the list of Critical Minerals for India” to ensure reduced import dependencies, enhance supply chain resilience and support the country’s net zero objectives”.

The release of the ‘Critical Minerals List’ will mark a milestone in India’s pursuit of self-reliance and security in the domain of mineral resources, the ministry said.

“This meticulously compiled list is designed to identify and prioritize minerals that are essential for various industrial sectors such as high-tech electronics, telecommunications, transport and defence,” it added.

The list will serve as a guiding framework for policy formulation, strategic planning and investment decisions in the mining sector, according to the ministry.

It should be noted that India has recently become the newest partner in the coveted Mineral Security Partnership (MSP) to bolster critical mineral supply chains.

The Mineral Security Partnership (MSP) is a US-led collaboration of 14 countries that aims to catalyse public and private investment in critical mineral supply chains globally.

The goal of the MSP is to ensure that critical minerals are produced, processed, and recycled in a manner that supports the ability of countries to realise the full economic development benefit of their geological endowments.