Deepavali Surprise For Chennai Metro Goers: Trains Decorated To Usher In ‘The Festival Of Lights’


Commuters using the metro train in Chennai were welcomed with a beautiful sight as the trains were decked with elaborate decorations on Tuesday (30 October). Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has taken the initiative to decorate the stylish trains to welcome the festival season, Times Of India reported .

Fifteen trains with four coaches each have been decorated with stickers of colour and rangoli and images of diyas (lamps) on the walls and the floor in the light of the much anticipated Diwali festival. The trains are operated on two corridors- from Central Metro to St Thomas Mount and AG-DMS to Airport.

Metro officials have said that the initiative to decorate the trains was taken to go along with the festival mood. “We have used a high-quality 3M sticker, usually used for advertising purposes. It is also flame retardant. It took four days for us to complete decorating one train,” an official said.

The official added that the stickers are of good quality and CMRL will try to retain them for as long as possible. CMRL has also released a 7.3- minute film to explain the maintenance of the trains. The film will be posted on their social networking accounts and will be released in both English and Tamil.