It’s Raining Tiles In Chennai Metro: Passenger Gets Eight Stitches After False Ceiling Collapses On Her Head


A 28-year-old woman was left severely injured after a tile from the station’s false ceiling fell on her head which left her bleeding profusely. Vijaya had been returning to her residence in Bharati Nagar, Chennai after a holiday in Ooty, reported The News Minute.

Following the incident, eight stitches were administered to her, a report by the Shenoy Nagar police said. She was admitted to Billroth Hospital. Earlier, another passenger had a similar incident at Egmore station. Glass panels installed in Nehru Park and other stations have also reportedly developed cracks.

the report goes on to say that these incidents are happening due to the low quality glass fittings and improper workmanship.

TNM quoted a senior official of Chennai Metro on the condition of anonymity as saying, “Clearly the contractors that were hired haven’t done a good job if parts of the ceiling are crashing down. They could have tried to save money by using smaller quantities of the adhesive which predominantly contains mortar. The contractors were working on it day and night and quality has suffered.”