Data Suggests Young India’s Preference For Vande Bharat; Air Fares On Many VB Routes Down By 20-30 Per Cent


Dats suggests Vande Bharat train has become the preferred choice for travel for the youth.

According to the Railways data, in the age bracket 25-34 years, 27.5 per cent of passengers prefer Vande Bharat. Similarly, in the age bracket between 35-49 years, on average 28.6 per cent passengers prefer Vande Bharat express.

So overall, the younger and the working age group prefers to travel in Vande Bharat.

The senior citizens (60+ age group) in the country have also shown their likeness for Vande Bharat Express for its comfort and speed. According to data, among all passengers, on an average 12.5 per cent passengers belong to this age group.

As per the industry estimate, with the launch of Vande Bharat on Chennai- Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram-Kasargod, Mumbai-Pune, Jamnagar- Ahmedabad and Delhi-Jaipur routes over the past few months, airfares on these sector have fallen by 20-30 per cent since April.

As per an expert in the transport sector, Vande Bharat has changed the dynamics of airfare. Also, people prefer Vande Bharat than traveling by their own vehicle. For example, Vande Bharat train from Vijayawada to Renigunta (Tirupati) takes 5 hours whereas the road journey takes 7 hours.

Anecdotally, the popularity of Vande Bharat amongst the youth can be tracked on social media with people uploading their selfies and making videos with this new train of Indian Railways.