Railway Board’s Fresh Directive: No Level Crossing in New Rail Line Projects


The Railway Board has announced that no level crossings will be included in the planning of a new railway line project and any crossings already approved in ongoing projects should be removed.

“The policy for level crossings on new line, gauge conversion, doubling and multi tracking projects is modified… No level crossing shall be planned in a new line project,” the order reads.

The order has further asked all the Railway Zones to prepare detailed project reports accordingly based on the new guidelines.

Regarding projects currently in progress, the directive stated that in order to eliminate level crossings, a road over-bridge (ROB) or road under-bridge (RUB) can be incorporated by adjusting the cost estimate of the ongoing project, as long as the terrain allows for construction without significant elevation changes.

Alternatively, if the conditions require substantial adjustments to the terrain, these ROB/RUB structures can be be sanctioned separately.

In the case of doubling and multi-tracking project, the current level crossings can be considered for elimination with ROB and RUB solutions, as long as the overall feasibility of the project remains intact.

Otherwise, elimination of level crossings should be planned under ROB/RUB works, the order added.

It’s worth highlighting that all unattended level crossings (UMLCs) within the broad gauge network were eliminated in 2019. Presently, there are only 751 UMLCs remaining on the meter gauge and narrow gauge sections in the Indian Railways.

For gauge-conversion projects, the orders said since these projects are sanctioned under uni-gauge policy, all level crossings can be planned for elimination with ROB/RUB.