Infographic: How Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Will Reduce Travel Time


The expressway will cut short the travel time between Kota and Delhi by 3.5 hours. Between Bhopal and Delhi, the travel time will be reduced by 6 hours. Between Ujjain and Delhi, the travel time will be cut by 6.4 hours.

The travel time between Vadodara and Delhi will be reduced by 8.9 hours. Between Mumbai and Delhi, the reduction will be of more than 12 hours.

Given that the expressway will be access-controlled, those cities falling farther from Delhi on the expressway will see a significant reduction in travel time.

Reduction in distance will reduce logistics costs in the neighbourhood of 8 to 9 per cent, thus ensuring a saving of more than Rs 100,000 crore over the lifetime of the project. There will also be a reduction in fuel consumption, time spent, and distance covered which will have a positive impact on India’s crude imports bill.