Thiruvananthapuram’s Economic Transformation: Eight Clusters Proposed For Growth Corridor Along ORR


The Capital Regional Development Project-II has proposed eight economic clusters in the Outer Area Growth Corridor (OAGC) along the Outer Ring Road (ORR) in Thiruvananthapuram.

Capital Regional Development Project-II (CRDP), is serving as the state consultant for the execution of the proposed OAGC flanking the planned ORR in Thiruvananthapuram.

Spanning 78 kilometres from Vizhinjam to Navaikulam, the CRDP has identified the economic zones at Vizhinjam, Kovalam, Kattakada, Nedumanagad, Vembayam, Mangalapuram, Kilimanoor, and Kallambalam. Final approval from the state is anticipated in the near future.

CRDP submitted the detailed project report for the OAGC project to the state in March of this year.

The corridor is expected to stimulate economic growth in the outskirts of the city and generate employment. Initially, only four economic areas were proposed for the project.

Scope Of Project

According to the proposal, Vizhinjam will host a logistics and industrial hub covering 6.3 square kilometres, while Kovalam will see the development of a 4.01 square kilometre health tourism hub.

A green and smart industry cluster is earmarked for 7.37 square kilometres in Kattakada, with a regional business and industrial hub designated for an area of 5.58 square kilometres in Nedumangad.

Vembayam will reserve 7.47 square kilometres for a pharma and food processing cluster, while Mangalapuram is intended for a 6.37 square kilometre life science and IT cluster.

Furthermore, Kilimanoor (5.28 square kilometres) and Kallambalam (8.28 square kilometres) are designated for an agro-food processing equipment cluster.

The proposal also identifies two out of the eight clusters for the Seed Development Area (SDA). The first SDA is planned for Vizhinjam, where a detailed town planning scheme will be executed, and the second at Mangalapuram. The proposed Neopolis, an integrated mixed-use township, will be realized in Mangalapuram.

An official from CRDP conveyed that the construction of the OAGC is expected to commence in the coming year, with the proposal currently undergoing review by the state planning department, reports The New Indian Express.

“The review by the planning department is in its final stages and is anticipated to be submitted to the CRDP within the next two weeks. Once the proposal is submitted, we will assess any modifications or suggestions and recommend that the state-designate CRDP as the Special Purpose Vehicle for the project under the Special Investment Region Act,” stated the official.

“Subsequently, we will need to obtain the final approval from the local self-government department to initiate the project. The Neopolis project will be carried out with support from the Central government,” the official added.

The official explained that land acquisition would be carried out through land pooling. In this approach, a group of landowners combines their land and transfers it to a government agency for development projects.

After development, the agency redistributes the land, deducting a portion as compensation for infrastructure costs.

Typically, individuals who contribute their land parcels receive 60-70 per cent of their holdings back after infrastructure development. This strategy aims to develop essential infrastructure to alleviate congestion in existing saturated areas.